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Chronobiological Lighting
The effects on health, sleep and wellbeing
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Digital Health
Digital optimization of corporate health management
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Driver State Detection
Detection of micro sleep, driver distraction and road rage
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Human Factors
Detect pain, comfort, and ergonomical effects
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EEG, ECG, EMG, EDA, and thermal imaging
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Social Robotics
Emphatic interaction by emotion recognition
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Steps to Success

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Market Research

Figure out uses and challenges for your innovative technology or project

Product Evaluation

We can test your product in lab or LivingLab conditions to provide insights on validity, robustness, usability, and user experience

Consulting & project support

IXP supports your project at every step of the way. We assist in planning, designing, and implementing your ideas using our expertise at project management

Research on demand

Any business, no matter the size, can profit from our know-how

About Us

The Institute of Experimental Psychophysiology conducts research for clients from the private or public sector. Working with ixp provides insight on the usability and user experience of new technologies or projects as well as potential uses and challenges. A particular field of expertise is gathering and analyzing physiological data and biosignals. In addition, affective computing, audio signal analysis, scientific product evaluation are key competencies of ixp. Due to an interdisciplinary, flexible, and well connected team, ixp can conquer complex and demanding projects. Experience and both methodological and technical know-how make ixp a valuable partner in any project.