Scientific Consulting

The Know How You Need!

With digitalization, technology has become a close part of our life more than ever. More choice of technology often raises more questions than usual, and most of the time it can be overwhelming. Digitalization supposedly enables or improves a company’s digital leveraging instead of generating obstacles.

Scientific consulting can be beneficial for your company or project in various contexts. Yet, the key component always remains the same: Our experienced employees will provide you with the information and know how you need. We support your project, no matter at what stage it is. Project management, implementation and data analysis are key services for any project. We are gladly offer our services to companies and publicly funded research projects.

Grant Application
Our experience working in publicly funded projects, will help to design or optimize your grant applications and maximizing the chance for success.
Research Design
We are experienced in fields like psychology and computer science. Thus, we pair current methodological designs and practices with efficient implementation.
Ethical Approval
Let us ensure your project gets an ethical approval effectively and efficiently
Scientific Exploitation & White Papers
Get accurate and reliable research results by using scientific methods by professionals.

Successful Projects