Objective Product Evaluation

Information is the new Gold

Testing a product or a service before launch is an essential process for product and service developers, to have the opportunity to understand and match customers’ needs. The advantage of a product evaluation is not only to identify flaws and errors but also to gather information about valuable insides of users’ behavior while using the product or service.

The methods and process of an objective product evaluation often include the measurement of user experience and user usability. This valuable information can be used to make a product or service modification before the final release to the market. Not to mention the cost that can be saved. Sometimes when picking up the right time and right customer groups, it might have a marketing effect through word-of-mouth advertising, from possible early adopters. They may create a special connection and feel loyal (feel of ownership through customer co-creation) because they were invited to share their opinion in the early phase.

Psycho-Behavioral Lab Studies
Controlled environment to study the relation of users’ psycho-behavior.
Living Lab Studies
Conduct studies in real-life environment with a user-centric approach.
Technical Product Testing
Measure product’s performance, quality, safety, compliance, standards, etc.
Conformity Analysis
Make sure that the product’s standard meet requirements.

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