Active, Healthy Ageing and Frailty Detection

Development of a Low-Threshold Screening and Support Portal as a Basis for an Extensive Psycho-Social Diagnostic Mode

Project Justification

Cognitive decline, physical frailty, depression, anxiety, social isolation, and poor sleep quality are major burdens to older adults as well as social and health care systems. Early detection and intervention are crucial in sustaining active and healthy ageing and slowing or reversing further decline. Therefore, the EU-funded project my-AHA proposes a holistic view of interrelated frailties and aims to reduce frailty risk by improving physical activity, cognitive function, psychological state, social resources, nutrition, sleep, and overall well-being.

Audio collection application for speech-based depression detection (left) and questionnairs regarding psychological distress within the my-AHA platform

Our Approach

For the development of assistance systems, activity data is collected via wearables to assess physical performance. Additionally, smartphone–based psychological tests and speech emotion-based depression diagnostics are used to determine mental health. Subsequently, home-based intervention programs are designed for participants to maintain and improve people’s physical and cognitive abilities while ageing. The my-AHA solution supports active and healthy ageing by enabling early detection and minimization of risks associated with ageing, particularly dementia (MCI), depression (mood), falls, and frailty. In these terms the early risk detection considers three fundamental aspects of the life of older adults: physical activities (monitoring vital data, gait, quality of sleep, general movements activities, and fall risks), cognitive activities (assessing the cognitive level, e.g., via exergames), and social activities (e.g., analyzing the users’ emotions and quality of speech).

my-AHA plattform: dashboard (left) and dementia risk estimate (right)

Work Packages, Insights and Outcomes

Ixp captures speech-related signs of frailty facets and supports the feature extraction of all bio signal-based approaches. Moreover, ixp is responsible for the implementation of speech emotion for the project’s depression risk app as well as for supporting the technical development of various further platforms. State of the art analytical concepts are implemented to provide new ways of health monitoring and disease prevention through individualized profiling, personalized recommendations, feedback, and support. Within the project a platform is developed which detects defined risks in the frailty domains in a timely and accurate manner. The detection is based on non-stigmatizing embedded sensors and data readily available in the daily living environment of older adults. When risk is detected, the platform will provide targeted, scientific evidence-based online interventions such as verified offers from established medical support providers.

Overview of the used sensor infrastructure, holicstic

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