Audio Signal Analysis

Listen to Understand

Sound is a wave made by vibration, that travels (typically) through air or another medium to our ear. Audio signals are representations of sounds in the form of signals whose frequencies are between the lower and upper limits of the human ears. With only in the human listening range, audio signals can have useful information.
Audio signal analysis is the basis of most of all audios-related research. The study can include extraction, interpretation, classification, etc. Once the information has been revealed the data can be processed for a logical, emotional, or other relevant interpretation depending on the domain of the research. With the power of our machine learning and deep learning technique, we have the ability to extract and process audio signals to match your requirements.
Data Corpus Engineering
Processing large amount of data into meaningful information
Development of AI-Tools
Design and create a useful tool for processing audio data
Feature Extraction
Preprocess and extract important features out of different data sources
Data Interpretation
Interpret significant and meaningful information from large amount of data

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