Institute of Experimental Psychophysiology

Institute of Experimental Psychophysiology

The Institute for Experimental Psychophysiology is founded in 2014 as a spin-off from the University of Wuppertal by Prof. Jarek Krajewski and Prof. Sebastian Schnieder. Both are leading IXP as founder, owner and CEOs. Since 2015 IXP offices and labs are located in the Centre of Düsseldorf (Germany).

Our Mission

“Measuring the Impossible”. IXP develops and applies state-of-the-art affective computing methods. These objective approaches based on audio, video and biosignal sensors are used to determine and optimize emotional, cognitive and health, aspects of (digital) products.

Our Services

We conceptualize and conduct (living) lab studies within the field of Usability, User Experience Testing. Moreover, we develop Proof of Concept demonstrators based on computer audition and computer vision methods. This includes providing high quality dataset engineering for machine learning task. These services are grounded on high scientific standing of Prof. Krajewski und Prof. Schieder.

Meet The Founders

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schnieder
Prof. Dr. Jarek Krajewski
CEO & Founder