User Experience & Usability

The Key to Success

Usability and User Experience (UX) are considered to be the key success or failure indicators of any products and services intended for human use. Even thou, both terms are strongly related to each other but are two different concepts. While usability answers whether a product can be used for its intended purpose, UX on the other hand focuses on how the users are satisfied.

User experience is a central factor for successful product and service development. The better the user experience the higher the chance that a company can bind a customer to its product or service. A simple method to test UX is to perform a usability test. The test result will reflect where a problem has arisen during the usage.

With the help of our technology stack and know-how, we can point out criteria of usability and UX, and develop a strategic plan to improve your product or service.

Real Environmental Test Mockup
Create a real or close to the real environment to get the most accurate and reliable data
Study of Visual & Non-Visual Effects
Detect and evaluate the visual & non-visual effect of users’ physical and mental level
Robotic Learning Assistant
Support and improve health conditions through online platform and robotic assistant
Smart Gadgets Implications
Use the latest technology to improve users’ usability in health management, smart ageing, mental disorder, therapy, etc.

Successful Projects