Multilingual Online Learning Portal and Transcultural Robot Learning Assistant

Training of Socio-Emotional And Practical Life Skills of Children with Autism-Spectrum-Disorder in Migration Context

A Public Funded Project


People with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) show great interest in technological tools and often appear to react more positively when interacting with computers or tablets compared to other humans. Thus, the use of technology has become increasingly relevant in the treatment of people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), for instance, to help create flexible and effective treatment methods that are affordable, user-friendly, and universally available for the affected individuals.

Impression of one potential social robot to be used in the project - QTrobot by LuxAI

About the Project

The aim of the project is to create innovative and multilingual technological tools to support the development of children with ASD and different cultural backgrounds. Accordingly, the project intends to develop a multilingual online platform with information and learning material to benefit and support the affected children, parents, and therapists. The project focuses on the development of a robotic learning assistant with integrated features for state detection to recognize distractive emotions or mental conditions during the learning sessions.

Social Robots QT and NAO  interacting with a child

Scope of Work

The project starts with the administers of the requirement analysis for the online platform and the learning assistant based on extensive interviews conducted with parents and therapists of children with ASD. The next step is to develop a learning portal and learning exercises to enhance socio-emotional competencies and practical life skills. The scope of development of the platform will incorporate the conceptualization of deep learning prediction models for mental and emotional states in learning contexts. These models will be used as predictors for the children’s attention and distraction during the learning sessions. At last, to ensure the project’s overall success, we are responsible for the user evaluations of the technological tools regards effectiveness and acceptance.

Pose estimation prototype: Relaxed vs. focused  

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