Smart Wearables in the Context of Corporate Health Management

Market Overview and Feasibility Study

Project Justification

The interest in a healthy lifestyle and fitness has increased immensely. More and more products are trying to address this trend and assist people with their workout or diet. Here, well-known, and increasingly popular gadgets are fitness trackers with embedded apps. Moreover, companies are also getting increasingly interested in the health of their employees. Rising burnout rates and the desire for a good work-life balance are prompting companies to develop better corporate health programs. The use of fitness trackers in corporate health management may therefore be a cost-effective and efficient method. The project aimed at generating insights regarding the usage of fitness trackers in business contexts.

Evaluated fitness trackers (left) and mounting of a fitness tracker (right)

Our Approach

The project aimed to evaluate the usage of fitness trackers in business environments. A feasibility study was conducted to examine the value of fitness trackers, apps, and combined services. Corresponding smart tools were tested in a living lab environment and within a field study with employees. The living lab study was focused on a technical analysis, testing for instance the validity, stability, and robustness of the trackers. To examine the functionality of the trackers, their outputs were compared to traditionally assessed psychological parameters, for instance based on heart rate detection, accurate sleep measurement, as well as activity and rest detection.

Insights and Outcomes

The focus of the field study was the evaluation of the perceived usability of fitness trackers in the actual working environment. Based on the outcomes, a catalogue with requirements and recommendations for a successful application of fitness trackers in business environments was developed. Further, a basis was formed to draw conclusions and receive recommendations for a successful integration of fitness trackers in health management concepts.

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