Human Factors

What is Human Factors?

Human Factors is about of how to design a product to best fit the people who use them. The study isn’t limited to only products, it can be anything that involves humans, such as sports, services, health, or safety. Human Factors will give a better understanding of the abilities and limitations of the user, and then apply this principle to improve the design to increase user experience and usability.


It is often best to test a product in a real-life environment to get the best understanding of the ergonomic features. Data will be collected from the test group through intensive monitoring and observation. For example, the ergonomic study in the passenger cabin in an airplane can reduce the level of fatigue on long flights by improving the seat designs or adjustable lighting systems.


A full Human Factors study can improve usability and reduce product-related injuries during the usage of the product. In product design, knowing that ergonomically study can also increase the user experience and lead to a higher user retention rate. In organizational ergonomics, the study can raise safety standards and reduce work-related illness.

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