Psychological Methods

A Way to Understanding

Psychology is a field of study of the human mind, mental processes, and human behavior. To come to such an understanding, psychological research methods must be conducted. Psychological methods are a way of collecting, analyzing, assessing, and interpreting psychological data. The types of methods used, depending upon the research type and answers to be drawn.

At IXP, we can design and implement necessary research methods to suit our client’s requirements. You can expect the most reliable and credible research results by using modern scientific methodology to collect and analyze the data. We elaborate and apply multivariate statistical techniques with machine learning technology to understand the underlying pattern for further development.

Requirement Analysis
Define and conduct reliable research of users’ expectations toward your product.
Design Thinking
Create alternative strategies and define outside- the-box methods as a collective solution.
Quantitative Data Collection
Use numerical research data collection method to obtain data via field surveying or interviewing.
Qualitative Data Collection
Collecting data through interviews or observation to draw empirical qualitative results.
Desk Research (Secondary Research)
Conduct scientific research by using existing data to create credible and reliable conclusions.

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