Digital Therapy Modules
For The Treatment Of Major Depression

Desktop And Virtual Reality-Supported Module Variants To Bridge Waiting Times Between Therapy Sessions And Enrich Outpatient Therapy

BMBF KMU Innovativ Project ReliVR

Project Justification

The successful treatment of depressive disorders remains one of the greatest health challenges of our time. The potential for relapses and chronicity, the high costs for the health sector as well as the proportion of patients without significant treatment outcome require the search for complementary and new therapeutic approaches.

Our Approach

Attempting to incorporate digital technologies into the therapeutic process  ReliVR is developing virtual reality-based digital therapy modules for patients with major depression. Additionally, an independent, adapted VR desktop version is being designed, which can be used in the home care context. Providing patients with digital therapy exercises, it is supposed to supplement and facilitate psychotherapeutic presence therapy as well as to bridge and enrich gaps between therapy sessions and provide acute therapeutic care in critical phases.

Work Packages, Insights and Outcomes

Ixp is responsible for the medical-technical requirements management and the development of the voice-based depression monitoring systems. Mainly, this includes the use of deep learning predictive modeling to determine the risk of relapse. In addition, ixp is responsible for the market intelligence within the project which includes project marketing and effective public relations. In the post-project funding phase, the certification will be realized which includes clarification of safety standards and compliance, assessment of conformity, and post-market surveillance. Moreover, ixp is responsible for the implementation of the reimbursement scenario, including a refinancing strategy.

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