My Active Healthy Aging

Wearables to Detect Frailty

In the scope of this EU sponsored project, myAHA (My Active and Healthy Aging), a holistic view of interrelated frailties is to be created: cognitive decline, physical frailty, depression and anxiety, social isolation and poor sleep quality, which are a major burden to older adults and social and health care systems. Early detection and intervention are crucial in sustaining active and healthy ageing (AHA) and slowing or reversing further decline. The main aim of myAHA is to reduce frailty risk by improving physical activity and cognitive function, psychological state, social ressources, nutrition, sleep and overall well-being.

It will empower older citizens to better manage their own health, resulting in healthcare cost savings. myAHA will use state-of-the-art analytical concepts to provide new ways of health monitoring and disease prevention through individualized profiling and personalized recommendations, feedback and support. For myAHA IXP mainly provides the work packages WP2, 4, and 6, and generates the referring deliverables and reports. IXP detects speech related signals of frailty aspects. Furthermore, feature extractions of all biosignal based methods are supported, as experimental sleep monitoring. IXP also hosts a German beta website for the recruitment of subjects for the myAHA study.

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