Aircraft Cabin Lighting

Psychophysiological Examination of the Use of Activating Aircraft Cabin Lighting

The aim of this project is to examine how chronobiologically effetive cabin lighting enhances comfort and wellbeing for passengers on long-haul flights. Apart from seats, cabin climate, vibrations, and exterior turbulences light plays an important role concerning comfort during a lang-haul flight. The installation of activating LED lighting systems can optimize the level of recreation and comfort for passengers. Warm white light is beneficial for comfortableness and relexation (wellbeing) and can make the flight duration more pleasant for a passenger. Cold white light containing a high amount of blue has an activating effect and causes passagers to be fitter thanks to the suppression of the sleep hormone melatonin before the landing. A validation study concerning this purpose compares the use of a normal cabin lighting and LED lighting with a greater light variability. Within the scope of simulated long-haul flights (including realistic aircraft cabin sounds) the variables of 32 subjects (within subject design; 9 pm-7 am) regaring the evaluation of the stess level and overall well-being were collected multimodally.

Apart from self- and extern ratings automized mimic based systems and psychoneuroendocronological measurement parameters (e.g. saliva cortiso) were used. In addition to video-based mimic detection a video-based seat movement tracking was performed in order du evaluate the stress level and comfortness. The results show a higher comfort level and a positive valence under the conditions of warm white LED lighting and the circadian effectivity of blue light. Future study aims regarding this context could focus on the development and evaluation of further methods concerning the improvement of travel comfortness such as active noise cancellation. Ultimately the development of measurement techniques for a low expenditure evaluation of every day states of being is a worthwile goal of ecological valid study aims (cf. ambulatory emotional assessment).

Aircraft Cabin Lighting

Jetlag and Aircraft Cabin Lighting

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