Detection of Malintention

Detection of Security Related Deception Intents

The goal of Malintention Detection Systems is the recognition of a certain mental state of an individual intending to cause harm to other people or the infrastructure. Exemplary areas of application are airport security service, border controls and other scenarios in which a rapid, reliable and error-free evaluation of risk situations must be given to prevent crimes. Various signal processing and pattern recognition approaches make it possible to identify psychological states from physiological signals. When stimulated by something familiar, people react in subtle ways.

Consequently, suspicious individuals with the intention of committing a crime react differently to certain stimuli or questions than innocent people. These responses, such as changes in eye movements, body temperature and heart rate, are consistent from person to person. Malintention Detection Systems detect physical responses to specific stimuli or questions (“Do you have drugs with you?”) via thermal cameras, motion sensors, eye trackers and other speech- and video-based detection methods and matches those reactions with patterns stored in a database. Based the found match, the system will give the security officer a signal to let the person through or to stop them.

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