Automotive User Experience

Development and Validation of a Method Set for the Measuring of User Experience

The aim of this project was the development and validation of a qualified physiological set of measuring methods for User Experience on the basis of the use of interface and interaction concepts in automobiles. An important factor concerning this was the emotional excitement of the participants. The research question was which of the psychophysiological measurement methods – EDA (Electrodermal Activity), ECG (Electrocardiography), VFE (Video Facial Expression),

and AVA (Acoustic Voice Analysis) respectively a combination – is best for measuring User Experience. The respective measuring systems should be chosen with regard to the examined driving settings (standing vehicle, driving simulator, test track, road traffic). Furthermore, it was investigated which contents of interface and interaction concepts of series vehicles and future concepts are able to convince users. Different modalities such as touch screens and voice command devices were compared.

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