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The Institute for Experimental Psychophysiology is a partner to clients from economy and public organisations. We develop, evaluate, and optimize procedures and products right up to their usage and market maturity. Thanks to the flexible network of competencies and capacities inside of the institute we are able to cope with comprehensive project requirements and complex system solutions.

We consider ourselves your research counterpart when it comes to Usabilty and User Experience, physiological measurement procedures and biosignal analysis, Workplace Health Management, the effects of Chronobiological Light, and the likes. Contact Us!

Market Research

Your aim is to learn about the potential, fields of application, and challenges of your project or your new technology? We are glad to advise you.

Product Evaluation

We test your technologies, procedures, and products under laboratory and LivingLab conditions to examine the validity and robustness as well as user experience and usability.

Consulting and Project Management

Together with our clients we drive forth projects and support them with their execution. We are the right address if you need professional consulting, help with research design, or experienced project leadership.

Research as Required

Industrial and Service Companies of every extent benefit from comissioned research; the Institute of Experimental Psychophysiology is an important provider of expertise.

Portfolio Topics

Work with IXP

A global institute of psychology specialized on the
research of contributing physiological factors


In order to optimally advance our research interests and to explore new fields of practical application we cooporate with our global partners. The following pages give an onverview of our academic and industrial partners.

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