Mental Workload

Physiological Measures for Mental Workload Analysis

The aim of this project was the development and validation of a qualified physiological method set for the measuring of mental workload. For this purpose the biosignal based measuring systems EDA (Electrodermal Activity), ECG (Electrocardiography), and FTI (Facial Thermal Imaging) were compared. A further aim was the development of multivariate measuring systems to investigate which psychophysiological measurement methods or a combination of them are suitable best for the detection of mental workload.

In the scope of this research project subjects were exposed to different mental work loads while operating a driving simulator, which consisted of different driving tasks. The difficulty of the driving tasks plus competing outputs modalitie of a narrowing forewarner (none versus optical versus acoustical) were used for validation.

Driver Stress Detection

Vigilance Detection

Driver Stress Detection

Driver State Detection

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